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Creation of indoor planted landscapes and vertical garden

Bring nature into your home with the “ecosculptures®” such as the vertical garden , aquarium and pond or the miniature Japanese garden.

Our “ecosculpture” are creations of all sizes : from the planted tableau hanging in the living  room to the impressive measurements of the architectural compositions. For all that, they all obey to the same principle : a self-regulating ecosystem embedded in a rock structure ensuring a long life with low maintenance.


What is an ecosculpture?

It is an ecosystem which takes root in a composite sculpture for an indoor or outdoor landscaping. This unique concept creates a living work which portrays nature in the case of a rock sculpture distributing harmoniously spaces for water and life, the fauna and flora.

The ecosculpture is a concept that applies to a wide variety of presentations : the indoor or outdoor gardens, the vertical gardens, plant designs, ponds, aquariums and terrariums. An original tool for the landscape architect !

The ecosculpture is the outcome of the creative alchemy stemming from scientific and artistic fields which are often compartmentalized such as horticulture, aquariology, the cultivation of bonsai, art and design.


The ecosystem is sustained by :

1. The control of the three biotic parameters : water, light and temperature

2. A meticulous selection of the living

3. A powerful plant development, a real regulator of the water quality

4. A beneficial symbiosis between aquatic and land vegetations


By the presence of its runoff water and its plants, the ecosculpture :

1. Improves the life energy in our home according to the Feng Shui principles

2. Purifies the air by re humidifying it

3. Cleans the habitat by trapping the particles suspended in air


To shelter life is to understand, respect and protect it. The artistic process leading to the ecosculpture is parallel to the ecological approach.

The possession of an ecosculpture is not a passive contemplation. Life is a perpetual growth and seeks attention so that it can be passed on.

The ecosculptor is a designer whose purpose is to create a lasting beauty



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Paul Louis Duranton

“Small or large image of the nature, the time and the erosion.

From the humble life of a moss in which it all began…”


Paul Louis Duranton

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