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Biological aquariums and landscaped decorations

The Volcanic Island - Length 45cm, width 45cm, height 45cm - September 1996 

This is the original concept and the successful conclusion of an aesthetic and biological research.

An hybrid creation between an aquarium, fountain, wild garden and a design object, each ecosculpture is established on the symbiosis between the earth plants and the aquatic fauna. The “decompartmentalisation”  is expressed by the opening of the aquarium on the top and the emergence of an island with plants whose roots system filter the organic fertilizers produced by the aquatic fauna and thus thrive. The natural depollution generated avoid the frequent water changes so often encountered in the traditional aquariums and participates to the vitality of the ecosystem.

The Volcanic Island on maturity, 1 year later

Posidonia  - 2700 litres - June 2006


The same balance applied to this aquarium with larger dimensions.

This creation evokes the marine ecosystem : with its currents  (ebb and flow), the posidonian herbariums, meandering rock, inclusions of fossils and its underwater cave which provides space for the wildlife. The powerful plant development which is a real regulator of the water quality creates a volume that eventually echoes to that of the aquatic part to achieve a balance between water and air and the underside-surface.

Atokos  – private townhouse in Paris

A top view of an intact island that reveals underside the abyssal depths

Atokos - Total height 350cm - 1500 litres

According to the location, lighting, tastes of the buyer, the aquarium is a unique creation which makes one with the  interior decoration. The sculptures in their complexity or in their sleek design always favour the circulation of the fish and their caches. The choice of the aquarium, its shape, but even more its support, the lighting and the hidden filtration : it all indicates the aesthetic perfection.

Piton Paradis - 29m3 - height 9m - 2001 - Pet Store Truffaut St Denis Stade de France

Piton Paradis is a monumental extrapolation of the Volcanic Island, staging a vegetal explosion at the peak.

La Source Lumineuse-2001- Height 220cm,diameter of the tube 50cm - Interior designer office

The moulded methacrylate tube contains a rock structure which also serves as a shelter for fish and a base for aquatic plants. It generates reflections of waves and very unusual effect lighting. The rock sculpture inside the column extends outside to lessen the delimitation water-air.All the technical part is situated inside the base.

Archipel - 1997 - length 180cm.

If the lid is removed from the aquarium, the rectangular form becomes even more interesting with a theater of several planted islands. The blue background invites us to an underwater walk through the rock mazes.

Tanganyika – 2400 litres

Here the richness of the work is concentrated on the aquatic part. The rock decorations are very eroded and realistic; the passages in the gaps provides spaces for the fauna’s circulation and allow nesting caves. The overhangs and cavities act as a support for the development of the seeded plants.

Micromega - January 2009 - 1 litre - limited edition - registered design


The first pet-ecosystem...


I am a little wild.


I  don't need to be connected like an aquarium.

My creator named me Micromega because it made me quite small inspired by the grandest landscapes. Yes, I am alive. I have a rare and attractive plant and small shells to take care of the automatic cleaning.



The Islet – January 2008 – 7 litres – height with lighting : 70cm

Created in limited edition, the Islet is a miniaturization of the Volcanic Island, with a simplified conception and installation and which can be sent by parcel, including the living. A notice for assembling and seeding is provided to accompany you with the living microcosm.


 Some watercolors of a big volume aquarium-wall project : 

A concept of a made-to-measure aquarium decoration. The aim of the composite rock is to recreate a tropical marine landscape which will be the support for a living coral garden. This type of saltwater aquarium requires an advanced filtration technology and a bigger maintenance. It is therefore reserved to well-informed amateurs or requires a weekly maintenance contract.

Shadow and light sub-aquatic landscape. The research of the balance between the empty spaces, rock and aquatic plants. Some wonderful fish punctuate the show.

This project stages a rocky sculpture of organic inspiration with rocky cavities covered with dazzling crystal. 

Concept of an aquarium with rocky volcanic sculpture.

Concept of a large volume aquarium with a rocky sculpture like stratified sedimentary rocks.

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