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Swimming pool and spa

Designing of a landscaped swimming pool

In counterpoint of a veranda and an indoor swimming pool, a monolithic wall relief brings an organic and natural note. Its reflection in the water invites us in a voyage. A poetic and functional mise en abyme.

It is either a low or high relief sculpture which can take any forms, cover a wall or can be presented as a tableau or fresco.  The sculpture is made of light composite materials and a mortar of sand, resin and colored earth.  The sculpted rock motifs illustrate the work of time and natural erosion and is set up on the spot like a puzzle. Each creation is a unique piece that can be co-designed : carried out according to the dimensions desired, your design conception ,the choice of colors, from images of a existing natural or imaginary site. If you wish, a visit can be scheduled to validate the steps of fabrication(sketch, sculpture, resin and color work) by the client or prescriber. The decoration of your swimming pool will reflect your desires.

Our sensitivity to the aquatic theme leads us naturally close to places where water is present either for sports or pleasure of living. A swimming pool may not be completely with ceramic but play nature by imitating a coast, river cove, a mangrove’s mystery. We shall give substance to your dream.

 Project of an indoor swimming pool :

Zen-inspired atmosphere. A window transformed into aquarium – rock seat- reconstituted vegetation.


Here are two examples of projects designed for indoor swimming pools with a spa

 Decoration of a swimming pool with a organic approach

 Decoration of a swimming pool with a “morphogenesis” approach

 Design of a spa

The waterfall is the object of all our care, a form inspired by nature reminding erosion of the mineral by the passage of water. Each project is designed to avoid water-splash out of the closed circuit. The sound of water is firstly modulated by the refined work of sculpting but also through a valve.

 Nuances of the color work

 Moraine - Diametre 110cm, Weight 15Kg

Did you ever sit down on a rock which happened to be miraculously comfortable after a long walk ? It happened to me and inspired me this seat. An eco-chic design with integrated spaces for plants, bottles, magazines and secret drawers... 

All furnitures are possible – sofa – coffee table – counters

Price : by 8 numbered pieces – 2 250 € per piece. In unique piece 4 822 €

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