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Indoor vertical garden

Wandianna - January 2008 - Work of art presented at "Scènes d'intérieur" - Maison & Objet 2008.

A diversified and innovative presentation of an indoor living nature. Wandianna combines the vertical garden, mineral ansd aquatic landscape with plants while constituting a balanced ecosystem.

These amazing creations can serve at the same time as indoor vertical garden, a rocky wall and a water wall.

It is also a groundbreaking resolution for an outstanding decorative water culture plants or for an aquaterrarium with a reconstituted biotope.

Our creations for interior designs also obey to principles of the ecosculpture : living, lasting, naturalyl balanced. The plants thrive due to the natural fertilizers produced by the fish allowing a powerful depollution of the water and a low maintenance of the whole. Thanks to the continuous irrigation by the runoff water and the oxygenation by the waterfalls, the vertical indoor garden becomes a living and lasting microcosm. To ensure theses precious qualities, we bring to the fore the rock sculpture which is treated with the greatest care. Indeed a wall completely covered with plants needs a continuous powerful lighting. Our creations can perfectly adapt to a modest light focus on the plants. Unlike the walls completely planted, they have the advantage to put up with a big development of a plant without  making the nearby plants wither. The purpose-built alternation of the plants and rocks is a favourable element for both the vegetation and the spectator.


Cilaos - Indoor vertical garden

 Cilaos - Indoor vertical garden - june 2012

Indoor vertical garden - length 100cm, width 30cm, height 220cm

Work created for the welcome hall of the SEGE society at Etampes.

Neela Pani - L 105cm, W 50cm, H 110cm - 2005- Châlon en  Champagne (France)

The mastery of the sculpted details allows the creation of modest pieces.

Bungel Bungel - Length 400cm, Width 80, Height 400cm - 1997

This indoor vertical garden is a sculpted landscape that has been inspired from geological formations that we see in some Australian canyons.  Soft and laminated sandstones have been eroded by the passages of a river for centuries, creating several curves. The stratas have been worn away more rapidly, revealing terraces. And then, torrents have traced vertical platforms, creating gorges and cauldrons where water swirls. The ecosculpture ensures the oxygenation and purges the stretch of water as well as the irrigation of the plants.

The Rock Gorges - length 250cm, height 250cm - glass pool 2500 litres - Pet store Truffaut Coutevroult


This work is a search of an aesthetical balance between water, rock and the plants, with the colours and light contrast

Matawi - Height 8m - 2004

At the foot of a planted rock sculpture in the welcome hall, a meeting point dedicated to nature and its biodiversity.

Biotope in urban surroundings integrating spaces to walk for relaxation, rock seats.

Here, the rocky shape becomes vertical to cover a wall and provide a great surface for vegetation. There is a pool to receive the runoff water used to irrigate the water culture plants. This recipient can be part of the fabric in order to integrate the piece better and provide greater freedom as to the shape.

Some 3D presentations of indoor vertical gardens

 Some examples of our indoor vertical garden concept:

This indoor vertical garden is worked in completely transparence with an organic and rational design.

An hybrid project of an indoor vertical garden that consists of an aquarium and a pool for a veranda.

Jungle -12m² - 2001

A room completely dedicated to the reconstitution of a tropical forest with its biotope, fauna and flora, temperature and rainfall variations. A sanctuary which encourages the fauna's and flora's development.

Biotope in urban surroundings integrating, planted landscapes, spaces to walk around, areas for relaxation, rock seats, strata-shelves, etc. 

 An ecosculpture hiding a pillar. Project in progress (composite sculpture) for Atrium Decoration – Paris La Défense

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