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Outdoor vertical garden

Space planning of a patio

Both waterfall and pool with ornamental fish,monolithic rock sculpture, outdoor vertical wall and water wall with its runoff, this whole functions in an ecosystem : the oxygenation and the bio-filtration is done naturally by the percolation of the water through the substrate of the rocky wall.


La Source du Donzil - Lenght 100cm, Width 50cm, Height 130cm - 2007 - Paris


According to the concept of ecosculpture, they are sculpted rock walls with an irrigation and carrying a natural vegetation. These creations which can be of all sizes can decorate a terrace, balcony, ornamental pool, yard or garden. The architectural choices can change the wall into a monolithic block, anchorage point for a diversified vegetation or runoff flows into a pool rich in aquatic flora. A partial vegetation allows to bring to the fore the rock sculpture and thus achieving a balance between the plants and the mineral parts. The purpose-built alternation of the plants and rocks is a favourable element for both the vegetation and the spectator.


Here the vertical garden fills three functions : they guide the water flow, making waterfalls, torrents or small rivers. They provide the base for plants to take root and organize the passing places. High-resistance floating slabs allow you to stroll through these spaces. The outdoor vertical garden can be adapted to the terrace dimensions.


Canyon Garden

The composition of the volumes that seems instinctive, hides a complex conception due to the restraints such as the establishment and the integration of the technical elements (pumps, irrigations). The production is followed by patient colouring work. The range of colours of the rock is incredibly varied. The result comes from the inspiration of the creator and the presence he wishes to confer upon his design. It is both an ornamental pool and a living sculpture – a work of art.


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